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Booking Terms and Conditions

Our COVID-19  Policy

Dream & Believe Entertainment is required to abide by the current NSW COVID-19 legislation and restrictions. We have implemented the following practices to ensure the safety of the client, attendees and performers is paramount. The client responsible for the organisation and supervision at the event (The Client) will be further responsible for ensuring the NSW COVID-19 legislation is adhered to at the event, and act in accordance with the Dream & Believe Entertainment COVID-19 Policy.  

Please note, our COVID-19 Policy will be updated to reflect changes in restrictions, ruling or policy. 

Our Promise

  1. The Company will not send a performer to the Client’s Event who is exhibiting signs of sickness, has been travelling overseas 14 days prior or has visited a known COVID-19 hotspot area.

  2. If the Company is aware that the delegated performer for the event has been travelling overseas 14 days prior, visited a known COVID-19 hotspot area or is exhibiting signs of sickness, the performer will not be allowed to attend the Event and an alternative performer will be arranged.

  3. If the Company cannot provide a suitable alternative performer, the Company reserves the right to reschedule the Booking, or provide a full refund.

  4. Only fully vaccinated performers will be attending events.

Guest Expectations

  1. The client is responsible for ensuring event attendees are aware of all safety guidelines and requirements according to NSW Health and the Dream & Believe Entertainment policy prior to the event date, and adhere with these requirements throughout the event,

  2. The client is responsible for ensuring guests who are exhibiting symptoms of sickness, feel ill, or have been in contact with anyone who may have/has COVID-19, to isolate at home and not attend the event.

  3. If the performer feels unsafe, or the necessary requirements have not been followed, they have permission to leave the party. A refund will not be issued. 


  1. For the foreseeable future, all performers will be wearing masks at events, both indoors and outdoors. These masks will be themed and decorative, complementing the character's attire. Please do not ask a performer to remove their mask. If a performer feels unsafe, they have permission to remove themselves from the situation.

  2. Masks are currently mandatory for all individuals over age of 12 at all indoor venues, Masks are not currently mandatory in a residential setting, however they are strongly encouraged, as individuals from differnet households will be mingling. 

Current NSW Government Guidelines and Restrictions

  1. There is currently no cap on guest limits for indoor or outdoor venues. The client is responsible for viewing and abiding by the current rules, and ensuring attendee limits are not exceeded. 

  2. If the NSW ruling changes and a party has been booked, Dream & Believe Entertainment will be in contact with the Client to confirm attendee numbers and entertainers, and discuss appropriate arrangements, which may include postponing or cancelling the event.

  3. The Client is responsible for compiling a full list of attendees at the event, in the case that contact tracing is required.

  4. Client details will also be kept confidential, unless required by legal authorities for contact tracing. 

Party Location and Weather

  1. The client is encouraged to have their event take place in an outdoor or well-ventilated venue or space.

  2. If the event is taking place outdoors, please ensure the party area is shaded, and covering is provided to protect valuable costumes and equipment from damage, for example, picnic rugs. 

  3. If the event is taking place in an indoor area, please select a large room or space where individuals can be distanced, and open windows and doors where possible. 

  4. The event booking is ‘rain or shine’ unless otherwise stipulated. If an outdoor location is nominated at booking, we will ask for your wet weather alternative in the case of inclement weather. 

  5. Dream & Believe Entertainment have the right to change the character's costuming, refuse to perform services or cancel all or any part of the Package if the temperature is higher than 30 degrees Celsius and an appropriate alternative location providing shade and reduced heat has not been provided. 

  6. If a mermaid party package has been booked with swimming activities, the client must provide a clean, safe water source and suitable heating if required. 

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to making your day a magical one!

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